TotalDrama Pornography Story: INTRUDERS Chapter One

TotalDrama Pornography Story: INTRUDERS Chapter One

This is my first story give me so if it sucks give me a break


Chapter 1


Who was the man standing in front of me so clearly when every room in the house is locked along with every window my parents are on a two-week vacation and its only been two days? What was he doing here? When did he get here? Where is he from? Why is he looking into my eyes and why cant I look away? How is it that I knew he would show up? All these questions have an answer I just need to find out what they are.

Who are you? I ask not able to look away from his gaze.

Why should you know? he answers

Because youre in my-he cuts me off with a kiss

What was that?!

A kiss he smirked

You enjoyed that kiss dont deny it

How could I have enjoyed it when I dont even know who he is?!

Come on hes amazing

You say that like Ive been crushing on him for years

Come on youre not breathing

Is something going on Princess?

Dont call me that I snapped

If I knew your name I wouldnt he replied I knew he was lying because his expression was smug

I might tell you my name if you tell me yours

You know we might just argue all night then

Then thats when it hit me! All of a sudden what could be his name popped up in my head. Are you Duncan?

Thats for me to know and you to never find out

Yupp your name is Duncan definitely

Okay fine my name really is Duncan. But how did you know that?

I dont really know it just came up in my head

Oh he replied

But before I could even say another word, he started another kiss and this time I couldnt, no wouldnt, let go

He cut off the kiss and I made a small whimper. He chuckled.

Goodnight that was the last thing Ive heard from him for three months. All that did was get me lost in love, insanity, want, and confusion.

A/N Not much here but hey it’s my first story. Well reveiw. I’ll try to update soon. Oh and give me any characters you want to be in here just name them and tell me what you want them to look like.

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