TotalDrama Pornography Story: Not so bad for a dweeb Chapter 1

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Not so bad for a dweeb Chapter 1

Me: hello, how is
everyone did you kn-
Courtney: You made a CxN story? Are you
Me: Well thats what my psychologist said. Anyways,
I like the pairings of Courtney and Noah. Im
sorry fellow DxC fans, but please dont flame me becuz you dont
like this couple.

This story is manly about CxN, there is
slight reference to DxC and CxN (Cody and Noah). If you dont like
the pairings then dont read this story its that simple.
Disclaimer: I do not own TDI; if I did then there would have been
flying monkeys during some part of the show.

was an average day at Playa Des Losers. The sun was shining and the
birds were singing. All in all today was the perfect day, but of
course nobody was around outside. Nope. Everyone was inside instead,
making bets on who would win Total Drama Island.

bet you eleven dollars that Owen will win. Fine Ill take
that bet! Because Gwen is going to crush Owen in the finial
challenge! Really, Princess? You are only going to bet eleven
dollars? Fine twenty dollars! You happy now? I accept
that offer cause Eva is never wrong! or I bet nine dollars
that my Gwen is going to win. There is no way Weird Goth girl
is not going to win! But a certain bookworm was not participating
in betting, or in Evas case beating,
on who was going to win. In fact Noah could not handle all the noise
and simply got up, brushed off the invisible dust on his clothes,
rolled his eyes at the scene that was taking place with, what he
thought, were the most uneducated teenagers ever, and walked outside.

Noah was in a middle of one of his romantic novels, when heard a
noise in the distant. He turned his head to see a pair of curious
onyx looking at him. Hi Noah what are you reading? Courtney
said with curiosity lacing her every word, with just a hint of
boredom. A book. He said sarcastically.

sat down beside him and rolled her eyes. I know that. I meant the
name of the book. Noah sighed he knew the only reason why she was
even talking to him. The books called In the shadows.
Anyways, why are you even talking to me shouldnt you be making out
with your boyfriend?
Noah spat out the last word as if it was venom. He wasnt jealous
he just thought teenage romance was stupid. What can I not talk
to you? she asked though it was clear that she really did not
care. Duncan did something stupid. Didnt he? It was
Courtneys turn to sigh yep. Noah thought so. That was one of
the only reasons she would ever talk to him, she had no one else to
talk to.

Courtney said Sometimes I just wish he would grow up.
Whatever. Anyways what did he do? Challenged Eva. Noah
snickered. If there was thing that you did not want to do was to
challenge Eva, unless you had a death wish. Courtney, as if reading
his mind, started snickering and pretty soon they were both laughing
their heads off. If anyone was around they probably thought both of
them were high or something. As soon as they were done laughing they
caught each others gaze.

know youre not half bad for a gay bookworm. Courtney said with
a smirk Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. This
made Noah mad I am not gay! I wish you people would stop saying
stuff like that. Courtney just rolled her eyes Sure youre
not thats just why you were kissing Codys ear. Whatever.
Was all his reply he did not have time for this. Courtney just looked
at him with a smug smirk. Wow.
She thought to herself Duncan
must be wearing off on me.

Then a thought sprung into her mind.

slowly leaned into Noah her eyes closed. Noahs eyes shot wide open
when he figured out what she was doing. She was kissing him.
Courtney, the punks girlfriend, was kissing him, Noah, of all
people. As soon as the kissed started it ended. Courtney smiled at
Noah and was about to say something when she was interrupted by a
noise. Hey princess where are you? it was Duncan. Courtney
rolled her eyes at the pet name and got up Well Noah it has been a
pleasure speaking with you. She said while smiling I hope to
see you soon. And with that said she walked over to Duncan and
went inside leaving a very awestruck Noah alone. Wow.
He thought That was
way better then even reading Shakespeare.

soon as Courtney got inside Duncan began asking her questions Hey
what were you doing with book worm over there? he asked pointing
where Noah was sitting. Nothing really. Just talking about books.
Courtney said half lying. You know he isnt that bad for a
nerd. She said smiling now and began walking to her room. Not
bad at all.

Me: Will what did
you think?
Noah: (still awestruck) Wow.
Courtney: What the
hell. Why the heck would I ever kiss
Cause I felt like it. Anyways if you wondering why I havent
updated my story Total Drama Reunion lately is because I had
writers block, but I should have another chapter posted in about 2
weeks. And now Katie and Sadie.
Katie: Nickyroxs does not own TDI
or any of its characters.
Sadie: But that would be so cool.
OMG Katie. I was about to say that. We are so BFFFL!
Sadie: I know
Sadie&Katie: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
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