Full Drama Pornography Story: Noah’s Fresh Groove – Chapter 1

Full Drama Pornography Story: Noah’s Fresh Groove – Chapter 1


It was a bright fall morning in Toronto, Canada. The birds were singing, the leaves were turning beautiful colors, and the air was becoming a bit chillier. High school students were back in the halls, making their way towards their classes. School was a bummer to everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen! announced a gawky teenager named Harold to an auditorium full of students. I give you your class president. The one, the onlyNOAH!! Cheers erupted from the students.

Showtime, Noah whispered to himself as he walked on stage. Noah was a rather short teen with straight brown hair who wore a red sweater vest over a blue shirt. His appearance was met with much applause. Noah held his arms up to take it all in. He made his way over to the podium, stepped up to the microphone and cleared his throat.

Students, he began, faculty and staff. Last June you elected me as senior class president. Instead of voting for the popular, sporty candidate Geoff, you have instead chosen your intellectual superior. Good for you.

Hey folks. Yep, its me, Noah. Dont forget it. Welcome to my movie. See that guy at the podium. That would be me. Awesome, right? Well, guess what. Life at school was splendid. Being senior class president at my school is the best you can possibly do. And of course, when your opposition is people like Courtney and Geoff, an election isn’t hard to win.

Noah left the auditorium, surrounded by his staff. He made his way through the halls, admiring many of his campaign posters that were left up during the summer. Noah smiled.

Yep. My slogan during the campaign was Yes I can! Didnt really like it, but hey, thats what campaign managers are for. Speaking of which

A raven haired girl ran up to Noah. Excuse me, she said to Noah.

What is it, Heather? Noah asked.

Her? Shes Heather. Nasty queen snake if you ask me, but mostly harmless. She jumped onto my campaign. Dont know why, but now I dont really care. After all, she promised I would win, and she came through. Shes now my vice president, by the way.

Well, Heather said, As the new vice president, I have some key policies Id like you to okay.

Whoa, Noah said. Hold that thought, V.P. My inauguration was just today, give me some time to relax and wallow in my presidential status. Noahs stomach growled. Why dont we make our way over to the cafeteria and grab some lunch.

Sure, Heather said with a smile. Anything the president wants. The staff made their way over to the cafeteria.

Noah made his way over to the lunch line. It was long, but that didnt stop Noah. Move it or lose, out of my way, presidential privilege, watch it tubby, were just some of the things Noah told other students. He made his way to the front, cutting right in front of a kid with a green Mohawk, piercings, and a skull shirt.

I love this part. Watch this.

Hey man, the teen, Duncan, said. No cuts.

Didnt you hear? Noah responded. Im the president.

So what, egghead? Duncan said. Im hungry. Theres no way you cut in front of me!

Ahem, Noah cleared his throat. Heather! Heather came running up to the two, holding a large book.

According to the school charter, Heather read, the senior class president may be allowed the privilege of instant access to school facilities to aid in decision making capabilities.

Noah grabbed a tray full of specially prepared food. Thanks Chef, Noah winked. Then he turned to Duncan and squeezed his cheek. So sit tight, sunshine.

That was great.

Noah and his staff made their way to their reserved table. Noah sat at the end, and began munching on his lobster. Heather tried to discuss new changes to make to the school, but Noah hardly cared.

Wait, Heather? Noah asked as he was finishing.

Yes Noah? Heather asked. Did you want to ask about my policies?

Hows my mural in the lobby coming along? I want it done this afternoon, or sooner.

Mural? Heather angrily asked. Listen, you little– she stopped herself. I mean, dont you worry about that.

Good, Noah said. He stood up, and took his lunch tray to the trash. Unfortunately for him, another student was making for the same trash can.

Noah was walking and talking to Heather. Move my appointment at one to two, two to three, and cancel it. Get me a menu for tomorrow, and I want the Noah t-shirts to come in small and –. Noah was cut off as a student named Ezekiel smashed into him. Noahs tray spilt garbage all over his sweater vest. Noah stared in anger at his vest, then at Ezekiel.

Youyou Noah muttered.

Ezekiel started sweating and got clammy. S–sorry, eh? He breathed out. Heh heh

Noah had him thrown out the third story window.

Well, he did get food all over me. I stand by my decision.

Heather, get me a change of clothes! Noah demanded. Heather muttered something under her breath, and pulled out her cell phone.

Noah needs new clothes. Now, she said. In a few minutes, a fat blond kid named Owen came running up to her, holding a hangar with a fresh set of clothes on it.

Pudgy here? This guys Owen. Hes a three hundred pound fart bomb and Heathers assistant. She gets a new one every six months or so. This latest model isnt exactly the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. If you ask me, hed be a better trash compactor than assistant.

Here you go sir, Owen said, presenting the clothes.

Noah grabbed the hangar and put on the new shirt. Ah. Fresh as a spring daisy, he said, admiring this identical outfit.

Did I miss lunch? Owen asked Heather. Tell me I didnt miss lunch.

Noah handed him a cookie from his pocket. Knock yourself out, big guy, he commented as he threw the cookie up into the air. Owen jumped and caught it in his mouth like a dog. He even threw in a couple of barks.

Now, if youll excuse me guys, Noah said. I have some business to attend to. Noah exited the cafeteria with Owen and Heather following. The three walked to the student office, and Noah sat down in his private presidential room.

Ahh. Life was great for me. Unfortunately, it wouldnt stay that way for very long

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