Full Drama Pornography Story: Opposites attract – Chapter 7

Full Drama Pornography Story: Opposites attract – Chapter 7


Yay me! *clap clap clap* I looooove your reviews. I even commented
myself on the reviews. You guys are funny! Well I just got back from
my Japanese test so if my pronunciation is a little messed up, I give
my apologies.

Let us begin! Let us begiiin! *pleading eyes*

oh, fine *pulls out bone* FETCH!


yanked the blind fold off from the blonde dazed man. His eyes
squinted from the light still trying to adjust. Good morning
sleepy head! The loud and obnoxious voice made his head throb. He
gave out a slight grunt as she ungagged him. His body coughed up the
balled up stockings that scratched his throat. A slight hand patted
his back as he threw up all those drugs poured down in to him.
Thats okay, you go right ahead and get it all out. the voice
said reassuringly. Geoff thought it a little weird of this woman
showing him acts of kindness, she is the one that beat him into a
pulp and tied him to that chair. He flinched away from her soft
deceiving hands. W-why are you, h-helping me? he coughed out
still trying to get his voice. She merely laughed, which even made
him more excuse. Her hand whipped his back in a joking manner. Haha,
your so funny! Silly! I have to act like a angry beaver every time
Im around that blonde bimbo! She feel back on her back a
laughed while rolling on the ground. That surprised Geoff to the
point of almost fainting from frustration. Then her rolling body
stopped with her back facing him. It was silent for a moment and
then he heard a darken voice But Dont get me wrong..It still
doesnt mean Im letting you go. Then her body turned as her
eyes cut strait into his face. The a slight smile formed on her face.
Now.lets have some fun.


was sure the F.B.I. tracked down her phone already, and she managed
to escape her guards undetected. She sat in a empty room, in a
abandon building, in the middle of a ghost town. What was this hatred
she felt that penetrated to the very bone of her soul. Just hearing
the word revenge made her shiver with pleaser demanding to be
satisfied. Standing at the window she began to let her mind wonder
back to the time. She was only a little girl, Her mom sat her on her
lap, she began stroking her head. Mom, what did you want to talk
about? she simply stroked her cheek and smiled. Lindsay, the
time is coming. the little girl looked up into her mothers eyes
with curiosity. What time, mommy? her mom curled her golden
locks falling off her shoulders. Our time Lindsay, When its
time to leave this rotten world. then Lindsay turned to her mom.
Is daddy coming to? she looked down at her mom and slightly
said You will understand later, When its time. The next day
her dad was looking for her mom. She left a note on the table in the
hotel that she was going to be at the Space Needle. Daddy, why is
mommy at the needle? her dad gripped her hand and smiled. She
said she had to take care of business and that shell meet us

soon as they started to approach the crowds got thicker and thicker.
Her dad looked slightly annoyed. Whats going on? he barked
annoyed. A woman pointed up in air and said frightened Theres a
woman standing on the edge of the space needle! When they both
looked up they saw the woman the cared for, that they loved. She was
faced forward staring strait into the sky. Police surrounded the
building, and the men spoke through a microphone Back up slowly,
towards the building. All she did was look down. Her dad left her
near a cop and ran into the building in order to stop his wife. Mam
did you hear me? then her body lend forward NOO! her mom was
falling face first rapidly. She screamed running and anticipating
where her mom was going to land so she could save her. Then
everything went in slow motion her moms eyes matched her eyes and
a warm smile appeared on her mothers face you
will understand later, .when its time.

That smile faded as Lindsay was covered with her mothers blood.

eyes went wide as she fell on her knees and looked at the precious
broken doll and her forever bloodstained hands. She watched her
father run after a police man screaming You killed her! You forced
her to jump! you
will understand later..

A other man jumped in sir, hold down, hold on! her dad charged
at the man and the cop pulled out his pistol and rapidity shot him.
Shot him dead, her dads bloodshot eyes caught sight of hers.
There was such pain in them. Both her parents scarred through her
memory, as the events replayed over and over again. Hey check the
girl, see if she needs an ambulance. The man that was running from
her father came over to her. Are you alight little girl? as he
was checking her she said. You did this didnt you? he
immediately froze and said nothing. Then she lifted her eyes

What is your name? he didnt answer but on his wallet that
fell out said F.B.I John Green. .when
its time.
turned her face toward the man with her eyes still captured by her
mothers dead but smiling face. She began to crack a smile, those
childish smile and keep her eyes on the ground, she lifted her
fingers in the shape of a gun at his head. Im coming after
you..Mr. Green

F.B.I showed up in there cop cars and surrounded her building. might
as well have a little fun.
thought. She lifted her hand gun and reloaded it. She went out the
room and toward the F.B.I and immediately started shooting. This took
them by surprise because they never thought she would come out head
on. She managed to kill 14 men while moving toward the leader. Then
when she was in front of the leaders gun she dropped hers and put
her hands up, they all leveled there guns at her, shocked and
confused at what she had to say. Where is, John Green? her tone
was flat and deadly. The man put the gun at her head while an other
cuffed her hands. She got in the car as they shut the door and drove
in complete silence. The man sat in the passenger seat while she was
in the back he was looking in his wallet for something. She caught
sight of his name Paul Woods, if you tell me where John is I will
spare you life, Otherwise.you would be one of my first victims.
A cold sensation shivered down his spine. Her bloodshot eyes told
nothing, but truth. She then said in a cold voice The time has


sorry this one is kinda short, I didnt get enough to write it,
part two will be in the next chapter. Review! Isnt Lindsays
childhood messed up? You will also get more flash backs from her
past, in the second part.

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