Total Drama Pornography Story: Playboy’s Exception – Chapter Two

Total Drama Pornography Story: Playboy’s Exception – Chapter Two

Author’s Note: I’m glad many of you liked the first chapter, and I hope it will continue to stay that way until the very last word of the story.

Chapter Romance: Loads of seduction, flirting, and making out. For the fanon lovers, Trent/Courtney has been included, as well as canon Duncan/Courtney.

Other Warnings: Swearing, two-timing, chick fights, and stealing one another’s food are all in this chapter.

“This is one wild party!” Courtney shouted over the loud music to Bridgette who was seated in a beach chair on Joel’s lap.

“Totally!” agreed Bridgette as her head went down to Joel’s, starting a hot make-out session.

Trent massaged Courtneys shoulders and asked, “Are you always this wild?”

Courtney smiled teasingly. “Would you like me to show you what wild really is?”

She jumped into the pool and after swimming a few yards away from Trent, she called out playfully to him, “I’ll give you a kiss if you can catch me!”

Somewhere in the crowd of teenagers in the pool, a drunk Pamela was seducing Duncan as she trailed her fingers around Duncan’s arm. “Kiss me, babe.” she whispered.

Duncan nervously glanced around, hoping that Amy wasn’t at the party.

A second later, Pamela clutched her stomach and covering her mouth with her other hand, she groaned, “Urgh…I think I’m going to hurl.”

She climbed out of the pool, making her way towards the grassy area.

Duncan crinkled his nose in disgust. There was no way that he would be tasting her lips later. Suddenly, he felt someone knock into him.

Right into his arms.

Someone with very smooth and soft skin.

Courtney turned around, ready to apologize, but gasped when she saw Duncan. She had seen him many other times before at school…but never this close.

It was true. Duncan Kingsley was really some hot stuff. He had sharp features with a chiseled jaw, a straight, perfect nose, playful yet gorgeous eyes, and a pair of seductive lips.

Taking a glance down, Courtney noticed that her hands were on his chest, but she couldn’t help but tease this oh-so-sexy man.

She ran her hands down his firm chest, her fingertips brushing past his nipples.

Duncan’s lips formed a sexy smile. “Hey, Courtney.”

Snapping herself out of it, Courtney removed her hands from Duncan’ chest. “Bye, Duncan.”

Before Duncan could catch her, Courtney had already left. He cursed to himself. Duncan swore Courtney was practically seducing him just then. Duncan looked around the pool area and saw Courtney…wrapped in Trent Axel’s arms, sharing a hot kiss.

He looked away. How could he have thought that Courtney was single? Her, the beautiful Canadian heiress would be sure to have a boyfriend the next second she broke up with a guy.

“Hello, gorgeous.” a short haired, attractive babe said as she swam in front of Duncan.

Duncan stopped looking at Courtney and turned to look at the girl in front of him. “Hey.” he greeted.

“I’m Paulina.” the girl whispered, then pulled her face closer to Duncan’s, softly touching her lips against his.

Duncan held back for a moment, trying to remember why her name sounded so damn familiar. Was she an ex-girlfriend? A girl he had worked with in school? He couldn’t quite remember who she was…

The next thing he knew, Paulina was being yanked off of him by a red faced Pamela, who was slapping Paulina’s face repeatedly, yelling words that would be blocked out with a “beep” on TV shows. That was when Duncan remembered.

Paulina was Pamela’s younger sister.

Duncan groaned inwardly as he knew that he had caused a serious family problem.

Collecting his cool, Duncan rolled his eyes. “Pamela, you know I hate possessive girls.”

Paulina rubbed her cheek as she smiled victoriously at her older sister.

“No, Duncan, I…” Pamela started to explain, but stopped as Duncan got out of the pool with Paulina following him.

Pamela let out a frustrated cry and ran out from the pool to the gate.

“Bye-bye, dimwit.” smiled Bridgette. Bridgette had hated Pamela ever since Bridgette had caught Pamela kissing her boyfriend in a secluded area of the cafeteria.

“Don’t you think you should be showing her some sympathy? She just got dumped with humiliation. You’re a bitch; you know that, Bridgette Delacourt?”

Bridgette turned around, completely shocked at who would call her such a thing, but then rolled her eyes once she saw who it was. “Shut up, Geoff.”

She walked away, not bothering to check out Geoff’s toned, topless body.

Geoff, on the other hand, did check out Bridgette’s body. A slim, sexy figure, with a perfect rack to match. She was such a gorgeous girl.

Having just watched the humiliation of Pamela, Courtney couldn’t help but smile to herself. Duncan had a very…unique style in dumping girls. However, she felt bad for Pamela, as much as a big bimbo she was.

If Courtney was ever humiliated like this, she would die the next second. Obviously, this would never happen to her, because she only dated guys that were more interested than her than she was in them. That way, she would never get dumped. She would always be the dumper.

“I feel bad for her.” mused Trent.

Courtney nodded slightly. She felt a small rumble in her stomach, and then stood up. “I’m going to get some food.”

Trent shrugged, then walked to his group of friends.

Walking over to the barbeque grill, Courtney saw Gina and Jessica in front of the grill, flirting with the cute boys working behind it.

“Could I get a hot dog?” Courtney asked sweetly, laying a hand on a guy’s bare shoulder.

“Sure thing, Courtney.” he replied, giving her a cute smile.

“Thanks.” she replied, sitting down at Gina and Jessica’s table.

Duncan, with Paulina still following him, had walked over from the pool. He noticed Courtney, and for a brief second, their eyes met. Courtney regained her senses and rolled her eyes. She walked back over to the grill, trailing a finger down the guy’s spine. “Hurry. I’m starved.”

“It’s Duncan!” shrieked Jessica.

Gina and Jessica fixed their hair as Duncan got closer to the grill. “Hi, Duncan!” they squealed, hyperventilating from being so close to him.

“Excuse me, but do I know you?” Paulina asked in an irritated tone, checking her nails.

“No, but we know Duncan.” stated Gina as she glared at Paulina.

Paulina looked up at Duncan and smiled sweetly at him. “Honey, do you know them?”

Courtney scrunched up her nose. They hadn’t been together for at least five minutes, yet they already sounded like a married couple.

“Here you go, Courtney.” the cute guy said as he handed Courtney a warm hot dog in a soft bun.

“Thank you! Just at the right time, too. I was beginning to lose my appetite.” said Courtney as she took the hot dog.

“Good, ’cause I’m hungry.” said Duncan as he took the hot dog out of Courtney’s hands and took a bite out of it.

“DUNCAN!” screamed Courtney angrily as she grabbed the hot dog back, quickly taking a bite out of it.

“What? You said you weren’t hungry.” he pointed out, and then grabbed what was left of the hot dog and took another bite.

“So? It’s still mine!” Courtney stated, and then stuffed the rest in her mouth and swallowed.

Duncan and Courtney glared at each other, until they noticed no one else talking.

“What?” asked Courtney to her friends who were staring at her and Duncan in shock.

“Courtney! You just shared a whole hot dog with Duncan!” exclaimed Gina and Jessica.

Paulina’s eyes were wide with shock and outrage.

Courtney’s eyes widened. “Excuse me, but I need to go get a drink.”

She walked over to the table with all the drinks on it.

“Yeah, I’m thirsty.” said Duncan as he walked over to Courtney, an amused spark in his eyes.

“No!” whined Paulina. “Duncan!”

Gina and Jessica laughed at her. “Wow, you couldn’t even keep him for five minutes!”

At the drinks table, Courtney grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper, about to open the can, when she felt someone’s warm breath on the back of her neck.

“That was the best hot dog I’ve ever tasted.” Duncan murmured to her as he placed a hand on her back.

Courtney’s melted a bit as she felt Duncan’s warm hands on her cool back.

“Is Duncan Kingsley seducing me?” she teased, shaking her Dr. Pepper in her hand.

Duncan looked down at her, unable to resist her luscious, plump lips, and replied, “No, he’s kissing you.”

Duncan leaned down and grabbed Courtney’s chin, capturing her lips with his. Courtney could feel her heart race and her head spinning.


Just as she was about to respond, Courtney felt reality coming back to her, and pushed Duncan away.

“Wha-” Duncan asked, a confused look on his face, but the next thing he knew was that Courtney had opened her can of soda in his face.

“Your lips are the worst I have ever tasted.” lied Courtney, only wanting to make an excuse to stop herself from having done something stupid. However, she already had. She tossed the empty soda can to Duncan’s chest, and started to walk away.

Duncan stood there, shocked and angry, at Courtney and her comment. “Slut.”

Courtney froze, and after a few seconds, she replied with, “Bad kisser.”

The only people that had ever called her a slut were her friends when they were joking around or the mean, bitchy girls at school that hated Courtney and her friends. No men had ever called her a slut…at least not until today.

Duncan crushed the soda can, and then threw it onto the floor. Him, Duncan Kingsley, a bad kisser? Women usually commented that he was the best kisser in the world, and then that would lead to a hot night in the bedroom. But Courtney Lovaas was different than those women…different enough to call him a bad kisser.

“Courtney…are you okay?” asked Gina and Jessica, their voices filled with concern.

Courtney mustered a reassuring smile. “Please, I’ll be fine right after I go get my mouth cleaned.” she answered, and then walked away.

“Wow, Courtney’s really something.” said Gina, leaning back in her chair.

“Yeah. She’s probably going to be the only girl that would get mad after kissing Duncan Kingsley.”

“What are you guys saying about Courtney?” asked Bridgette as she sat down at their table.

“Duncan and Courtney shared a whole hot dog, kissed, and then she drenched him in soda!” blurted out Jessica.

Bridgette’s mouth was parted in surprise, but then she smiled and said, “That’s my girl.”

“Courtney and Bridgette are crazy, Gina whispered to Jessica, or is it just that they like pouring drinks on super hot guys?”

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