Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Army of Sluts – Chapter 3"

Now my sluts…our work tonight isn’t done…I chose to start my army tonight because I knew there would be two more people in the forest with us…now let’s go find them.” Heather commanded.

Heather and her three sluts made their way across the forest until they reached a clearing where they spotted two people kissing.

Courtney and Duncan were under the moonlight, in each other’s arms, with their lips locked in a loving way. They then pulled apart.


”Yes, Duncan?” Courtney asked.

“Why do we keep meeting in private?” Duncan asked her. “Why can’t we just be a couple officialy in front of everyone else?”

“I don’t know, Duncan…I’m afraid of what they might say.” Courtney said.

“Courtney, I know you…what happened with the Courtney who doesn’t care about what other say about her?” Duncan told her.

“I guess so.” Courtney said. “Tomorrow we tell everyone.”

“Oh no, you don’t.” Heather muttered to herself as she raised her slut gun and fired at Courtney.

When the beam of green energy hit Courtney, the changes began to appear immediately. Duncan watched in awe and extreme arousal as his girlfriend’s boobs begun to inflate under her gray sweater vest and white shirt.
“What he hell?!” Courtney yelled.

Her tits, which were already D-cups, began to inflate at a quick pace, in a minute, when the transformation was over, Courtney was sporting a huge pair of G-c cups. A sight which Duncan enjoyed, as demonstrated by his manhood.

Soon, Courtney’s ass followed in the transformation, expanding to and incredibly large size. When Duncan looked at the expanded butt of his Princess, the only thought that appeared on his mind was that of Courtney sitting on his lap, no other thought could go into his head at that moment.

Her clothes, very much like with Gwen and Bridgette, changed too. Her shirt and gray vest were replaced with a schoolgirl shirt, and her olive pants vanished, leaving her in a matching schoolgirl skirt.
Courtney was about to scream when she heard a voice in her head…Heather’s voice.

“Why don’t you give your little Dunkie a little treat?” The voice said.

Courtney couldn’t help but comply. In a dazed state, Courtney kneeled and her face positioned itself in front of Duncan’s crotch.

“Princess, what are you doing?”

Without responding, the spellbound Courtney unzipped Duncan’s pants and reached inside, pulling out his little self. Duncan couldn’t believe his eyes as his sweet, little Princess took a lick at the head of his penis. She planted a long, lewd kiss to the head and proceeded to take his whole length into her mouth, slowly, running her tongue at a painfully slow pace over the top of his member. Duncan moaned in ecstasy as Courtney bobbed her head up and down, taking his dick in and out of her mouth, trails of her spittle running down his shaft, giving him a lewd wet sensation which he loved.

Before he came, Courtney pulled little Duncan out of her mouth and got up. She then proceeded to slowly tease Duncan, by un-buttoning the buttons of her schoolgirl shirt and a deadly slow pace. Soon, Duncan stared in collosal arousal as he looked at his cute, formerly prudish Princess completely topless, her now gigantic breasts practically hypnotizing him.

“Like what you see, Duncan?” She teased.

Courtney raised her hands and squished her breasts together, making a teeny-tiny droplet of blood squirt out of Duncan’s nose. She stepped forward towards him and grabbed his head, she then forced his face into the enormous valley of her cleavage. Before he could extend his tongue to lick up the skin of her tits, Courtney pulled his head out from between her breasts and slightly moved away from him.

She followed by pulling down her schoolgirl skirt and black lace panties. Duncan was practically about to have a heart attack as he looked at Courtney standing naked in front of him.

His wish soon came true. Courtney pushed him to the floor and sat on his lap, his pant covered cock sinking into the ridiculously soft flesh of her ass.

“Oh baby.” Duncan moaned.

Courtney got up and pushed Duncan to the floor on his back. She kneeled down on him and pulled down his pants.

“This is it, Duncan.” Courtney said as she impaled herself on his member.

Courtney began to ride Duncan at a slow pace and she got further turned on by her boyfriend’s moans of ecstasy and pleasure. Duncan felt pure bliss as Courtney rode him, he moaned loudly. The only thought in his mind was how tight she was and how much he loved her.

As she pushed him in and out of her, her huge breasts pushed against his face, he was more than delighted as his face sunk into the canyon of her cleavage. He encircled her left nipple with his mouth, licking around the areola and suckling on her breast as she pushed his dick in and out of her pussy.

“I love you, Courtney!”

“Love you too, Duncan!”

They continued and were so caught up in each other that they didn’t notice Heather walking up to them. She raised her ray gun again and fired once more. At Duncan.

Slowly, Duncan’s mohawk dissappeared and his hair grew to reach his lower back. His shoulders shrank and his chest broadened, slowly gaining size until they had become F-cup breasts. His butt turned into a shapely and enormous female ass and his member slowly shrank down and was replaced with the female equivalent.
There on the ground, rubbing their pussy’s against each others, their breasts squishing together, their lips touching, were Courtney and Duncan (or rather now, Dunny), having sex and loving it and each other.
Soon they were done. Courtney had put her schoolgirl clothes back on and Dunny was wearing her new leather bikini top and leather shorts with leather boots. Arms around each other’s shoulders.

“So now…what do you feel?” Heather asked.

“We love you Heather.” They said.

“But I love you more, Dunny.” Courtney said.

“I love you more too, Courtney.” Dunny replied.

They leaned in on each other and their lips made contact, their tongues swirling around and exploring the other’s mouth. Dunny’s breasts sinking sensually into Courtney’s.

“Not exactly what I expected…but it works anyway.” Heather said, watching Dunny and Courtney begining to go down on each other again.

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