Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Army of Sluts – Chapter 6"

In a clearing in the dense Wawanakwa forest Trent sat on a tree stump, strumming away idly on his guitar and trying to find a good melody for a song he was writing for his beloved Gwen. Little did he know that he was already a target.


The boy turned to where the voice had come from and sighted the Killer Bass’ unofficial leader, Courtney approaching him.

“Hi Courtney, what’s up?”

“Um Trent…I have a favour to ask you and it may sound a little weird.” Courtney said.

“Sure…what is it?”

“Look I’m asking you to do this because there’s nobody else who can. I don’t want to ask a girl to do this because it would be even more weird and every other guy in this place is a pervert.” Courtney began. “Trent…my breasts are…lactating.”


“Calm down! I take a special medicine for my hormonal balance and lactation is a side effect. Normally I use a pump to take care of it but I couldn’t bring one here so…would you mind milking me?” She asked shyly.


“Please Trent, it really hurts my chest and I can’t ask anybody else. It would even stranger if I asked a girl and every other guy is a pervert. I’m asking you because I know you’re a really nice man and you’re not some hormone crazed freak.” Courtney pleaded.

“Courtney I’d like to help but with Gwen and…”

“Gwen doesn’t have to know.” Courtney said. “But will you PLEASE help me?”

“I…I guess.” Trent stuttered.

“Thank you so much, Trent.” Courtney said, gladly.

Trent watch, amazed, when Courtney took off her sweater vest and slowly began to unbutton her white blouse. She took her time with each button; he assumed it was because she was nervous bu ut in reality she did it on purpose to tease him and get him more excited to lower his mental defenses even more.

Soon her blouse came off and Trent stared bewildered at Courtney’s large D-cup bosom held behind a tight white bra. She reached for her back and undid the strap on the bra, letting it drop to the floor and revealing her fabulous chest to the musician.

Sure Trent wasn’t a pervert, but he was still a guy and upon seeing Courtney’s giant, round, bare breasts in front of him he couldn’t help getting considerably aroused. He crossed his legs so the brunette girl wouldn’t notice his growing erection. He was in love with Gwen, sure, but he couldn’t help himself at feeling attracted towards Courtney, considering that he was seeing she had a curvier and bustier body than his beloved goth girl.

Courtney strutted over to the musician and sat across his lap with one leg on each side of his body. Trent gulped as his clothed-erection rubbed up against her clothed-womanhood but he sighed in relief when she didn’t seem to notice.

“Now Trent, will you please milk me?”


Trent awkwardly raised his hand and put it to the prep’s left breast. He slowly kneaded her ample mammary and began to squeeze it as if trying to apply enough pressure to make the milk come out. He was shocked by how soft and warm her breasts felt to his touch. He was so mesmerized by them that it took him a bit to realize the girl to whom those soft mounds belonged to was talking to him.



“Not that I don’t enjoy receiving a chest massage, but you’re supposed to be milking me and using your hands won’t work, if not I would’ve done it. You have to use your mouth, so put your lips on my nipple and suckle on it.” Courtney commanded.

“I don’t know Court, maybe this is a bad idea.”

“Trent please, it really hurts and I need relief.” Courtney begged.

Trent surrendered and prepped himself. He slowly leaned in to the girl’s left tit and cautiously encircled her nipple with his mouth. He heard the prep sigh upon the contact and just for curiosity he flicked the sensitive little bud with his tongue three times, making the girl moan. Getting used to the tight little peak in his mouth Trent began to suckle slightly, feeling the girl above him moan silently.

“A little harder, Trent.” Courtney said, a little laboured.

Trent obeyed and sucked with a little more pressure until he felt a stream of liquid shoot from her nipple down his throat. He stopped for a second because of the surprise, but when she nudged him gently in the head he resumed his sucking and soon he felt the milk flow again but this time like a calm, normal stream.

He savoured the milk that came out of her tit. He came to a conclusion…it was the sweetest thing he ahd ever tasted. The best thing he had ever tasted, it was sweet and warm, tasting a little bit like cantalope juice. He began to suckle faster, wanting more of the delicious nectar that Courtney’s boob was supplying him. Above him Courtney was moaning because of the relief that being milked brought her.

Soon Courtney got used to the sensation of being suckled and closed her eyes. Instead of moaning she began to purr gently. Trent looked up at her and realized that in that serene state she was actually cute. He was used to seeing her bossy and angry, but like that she was really pretty to him.

Trent closed his eyes and began to sink into the sensations of her wonderful mammary juice. She wrapped her arm around the back of his head and pushed his face closer to her tit.

“That’s it Trent, drink mama’s milk.” She whispered.

He was so caught in suckling her that her voice sounded hypnotic to Trent and the musician just sunk further into her.

“That boob is done Trent, switch to the other one.”


Trent pulled off her breast and then began to suckle the right one. He repeated the same procedure as the previous one, suckling until the milk began to flow.

“Come on, drink from my boobies, suckle my teat, drink my milk, Trent.” She cooed.

Trent suckled Courtney’s milk for about ten more minutes while she held his head and gently purred in pleasure.

“I think that’s enough, Trent.” Courtney said and pulled the musician away from her breasts.


“Um…thanks for helping me out with my problem Trent, you’re really nice.” Courtney said as she buttoned up her blouse.

“No problem.”

Courtney smiled at him and then closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him. Trent, who had grown a little smitten with the girl after suckling her, responded in the same way and the two eighteen year-olds kissed. It was a short and gentle kiss, but it ended quickly since Trent pulled away.

“No! I’m sorry but I can’t do this Courtney…I love Gwen.”

“What? You don’t like me?” Courtney asked, appearing downtrodden.

“No, it’s not that. You’re a really nice girl and I would like you, but I have Gwen.”

“You sure you don’t like me? Even if I do this?”

At that point, Trent watched bewildered as suddenly Courtney’s clothes morphed, out of the blue, from her white blouse and olive pants to a very shirt schoolgirl skirt and school girl shirt. Then, her breasts suddenly began to inflate, going from her already large D-cups to gigantic G-cups. Despite him not seeing it initially, her butt expanded and grew firmer and rounder. While he was bewildered and aroused by her sudden transformation, Courtney sexily strutted up to Trent and kissed him full on the lips.

By this point Trent had allowed his natural lust-drive to take over an kissed back. She sneakily slid her tongue into his mouth and cautiously slid it over his, massaging his tongue slightly and it was the slight manner in which she pressed her tongue to his that really got Trent going.

He reciprocated by lathering up her tongue with his and his hands instinctively slid under her skirt and rested on her fine, firm ass. He squeezed her cheeks for good measure, with nothing lying between his hands and her tan skin because she only wore a minuscular, white thong which sunk in between the cheeks of her ass.

The transformed Courtney pulled away from his lips and said:

“Come on, Trent. Have another go at my breasts.”

She pulled open her blouse, revealing her now too small white bra. She lowered one cup off one of her tits, exposing it before him. Trent dived towards her chest and soon encircled her nipple in his lips and began to suckle once more, allowing the delicious milk to flow into his mouth yet again.

“Trent, I want you to hold my milk in your mouth and then kiss me to pass it to mine. Then I’ll do something you’ll really like.” She instructed.

He did as he was told and suckled up enough of the nectar from her tit to fill his mouth. He left her chest behind and then kissed her, allowing the warm liquid to go from his mouth to hers. The brunette pushed the boy back to a sitting position on the stump and then got on her knees to be directly facing his engorged crotch.

She pulled down his zipper and then pulled out his seven inch manhood. Careful so as to not spill any milk, she slid his dick into her mouth and began to bob her head.

Trent as in heaven as Courtney’s tongue wrapped around the head of his penis, while the warm milk flowed around his dick bringing him a wet sensation of pure bliss. He could feel her tongue moving around and repeatedly caressing his member, but couldn’t tell exactly where it was because with the milk everything inside Courtney’s mouth felt wet, warm and mindblowingly lustful. It was the biggest pleasure he’d ever experienced in his entire life. Soon he could not hold on any longer and came in her mouth. She swallowed everything, the milk, his cum, everything. It all went down.

He was still lost in the ecstasy when Courtney stood up and took off her white thong. He didn’t react until she began to stroke his member.

“Come on Trent, let’s finish this.” She cooed.

Without hesitation, he kissed her and both of them toppled down onto the ground. While still kissing her, he slid inside of her and they both moaned into each other’s mouths.

While he rode her, a slim figure approached them from behind. Heather raised her ray gun and aimed it at Trent while he was in the throes of passion. She fired and quickly enough, Trent’s body began to change.

Firstly, his manhood shrank up and became a womanhood. Secondly, his butt rearranged itself and took a curvier, more feminine look. His hips shifted and changed to the curvaceous ones of a woman. Third, his legs slimmed up and got a little longer; they lost all hair and got smoother. Fourth, his shoulders shrank to fit the complexion of a female. Fifth, his hair grew to his mid-back and sixth and final, his chest expanded, growing from slightly manly pectorals to full D-cup breasts.

His clothes were altered as well, turning to a light green and dark green square-patterned flannel shirt and to a tiny pair of jean shorts that went as low as his thighs.

From now on Trent will be referred to as Tina.

The transformation brought such intense pleasure that it brought Trent/Tina to instant sexual climax as she experienced her first orgasm as a woman.

After coming down from her high, Tina finally noticed what had happened to her body.

“What the fuck?”

A slight giggle coming from behind her made Tina turn to face Heather.

“Heather! What the fuck did you do to me?”

“Same thing I did to Courtney here and several other girls including your little Gwenny…I sluttified you with my special ray gun.” Heather announced.

Tina got up and began to charge at Heather.

“You’re gonna get it!”


At Heather’s command Tina found her body to be completely frozen. She could not move a muscle.

“What the-?”

“Did I forget to mention that the ray also gives me complete control fo your body?” Heather teased. “Well then, I can also get complete control of your mind by doing this.”

Heather leaned into Tina and kissed the suprised new girl. She resisted briefly before sinking into Heather’s soft lips and kissing back. The kiss of death destroyed all her defenses and she felt the love of Heather go into her. The love for her new mistress to take over.

“Are you still mad at me, Tina?” Heather asked.

“I could never get mad at you.” Tina said. “I love you, Heather.”

“…And so will the rest of the world pretty soon.” The evil girl muttered sinisterly.

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