Total Drama Island Sex Story: "Lindsay – New Futa Goddess"

Chapter 3

Lindsay and the Goddess

Lindsay walked back to the dining room in time to see today’s breakfast, a hamburger at least that’s what she thought until it began to move in a sickening way. She immediately lost her appetite and found Heather to be staring at the hamburger as well. Lindsay didn’t know why but she found Heather to be very sexy looking almost sexy looking to- She shook her head in time to prevent the thought from entering her mind. She sat down next to Heather. “Can you believe the filth they’re serving us? This is just purely disgusting.” Heather said, Lindsay nodded. It was then that Chris called them outside to tell them their next challenge. “All right people your challenge is an `Awake-a-Thon’ the challenge is simple the last member of whoever team to stay awake for however long is the winner of the challenge so just stay awake! Good luck!” Chris said and with that he walked off. Lindsay sighed thankful for the challenge appointed to them. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon anyway not with her new friend.

-2 days later-

Lindsay was nodding off, Beth and Heather had already gone to sleep, so had a few other contestant’s but Lindsay was determined to stay awake for two reasons. 1, she didn’t want to see that fertility goddess in her dream again, 2 she was scared of what else her mind could dream of.

-Next day-

Lindsay’s eye’s hurt and her eyelids were extremely heavy, she wanted so much to close them and to sink into the oblivion known as sleep but she remained vigilant. She didn’t even care about the challenge anymore all she cared about was staying awake. So it came to her as a surprise when she found out that she had won the game for the team. She blinked in surprise as the other member’s s congratulated her then she fell forward her mind drifting into sleep.

–Lindsay’s dream–

“Liiiiiindsaaayyyy!” A singsong voice said. Lindsay groaned and turned to find the form of the fertility goddess, perhaps it was because Lindsay was tired but the woman looked bigger than before, a lot bigger particularly her sexual organs. “Oh don’t look you’ll make me blush!” The woman said teasingly. Lindsay shook her head and looked at the goddess’ face.

“What are you doing to me!? Stop changing me! In fact get out of my body or my mind or wherever you are!” Lindsay shouted. The goddess tutted and wagged a finger.

“Temper, temper! I’m just making your body… better than before and as for me leaving your body… well let’s just say I like it here! It’s gonna be fun being you especially when I make you fuck that Heather chick.” The goddess licked her lips at this. Lindsay’s jaw dropped, and she took steps back.

“H-H-Heather!?” She gasped.

“Oh yes Heather! She looks so absolutely ripe and fuckable don’t you agree? Look at that ass and that waist! Ooh it makes my cock twitch! I just want to fuck her like no tomorrow! Mmm… and imagine the young she would bear!” The goddess said hugging her huge breasts and twisting around. Lindsay watched her cock and balls flail about slapping against her leg then a word penetrated her brain.

“YOUNG!?” She shrieked.

“Yes! Young! The best part of being a fertility goddess is the ability to breed! With every sex with every race! Male, Female, Black, White, Asian it make’s no difference just as long as somebody has a big belly with babies!” Lindsay stared horrified at this goddess.

“You’re crazy I’m only 18 there’s no way I can-!”

“Oh yes you can and you will!” The goddess said, “Even if I must make you do it! You will have sex with Heather!” She took a step forward, “Even if I must show you how great sex is myself!” The goddess grabbed her monster cock and began stroking it. Lindsay knew what was going to happen and she turned and tried to run but she found her legs to be unresponsive. “Hmhmhm… This is my world little girl… I say when you run or not! You are going to stay here and watch as I fuck you out of your little mind!” The goddess said, as the cock began to pulse and twitch as enormous amounts of blood began to fill it up. Lindsay watched in horror as the monster thickened and lengthened, becoming larger with every passing second. The thing would tear her in half if it ever got inside of her.

“Now, now I’m not gonna kill you there’s no fun in that! What’s really fun is giving someone the fucking of their life! In fact… I’ll let you fuck me first just so you know how good it feels!” The giant cocked woman said she sat down and she made a few gestures in the air and the cock vanished. Lindsay blinked then she nearly fell forward as a weight suddenly appeared down below. She looked to see a smaller yet still monstrous version of her cock on her. Her balls were huge like beach balls but they weighed a hell of a lot more, and her cock was 24 inches long and probably 12 inches thick. She had to grab the thing with both hands just to heft it up it was so huge! The goddess smiled and spread her legs it looked a little strange since Lindsay was used to seeing her with the giant cock blocking the view of the goddess’ vagina. However Lindsay could see that it was sopping wet, and the lips seemed to beckon to her. Lindsay stared at the thing. “Come on now! It’s not gonna bite!” The goddess giggled. Lindsay looked up at the goddess then she walked forward with a bit of difficulty. Her balls were so huge that they actually scraped against the ground further exciting her senses and further sending more blood to her cock making it stiffer. When she reached the giant woman’s dripping cunt her cock was fully erect. She hefted the great cock and began rubbing the monster head against the walls of the giant cunt. Her senses were going crazy at even this light stimulation. “Oooooh that feels good… Now… plunge your cock inside of me fuck me good and hard!” The goddess said sensuously. Lindsay who was panting now, nodded dimly registering the goddess’ words. She put the head of the cock against the large lips of the goddess pushing forward slightly, however due to her restricted form she couldn’t push it all the way. The goddess realizing this raised a hand and pointed her finger at Lindsay. A bolt of white light hit Lindsay and she felt her thin body began to expand with powerful and lean muscles. Lindsay could also feel her body growing slightly larger, she then felt her strength growing as she grabbed her cock with a newfound confidence and strength and grabbing the giant woman’s pussy lips she pulled herself forward. The giant cock speared its way into the woman’s cunt with ease barely meeting resistance. The goddess shivered slightly and moaned as the cock continued its way into her pussy which seemed endless. Then Lindsay felt her cock come to a halt as it bumped something. She looked to see she still had at least 10 inches to go. She looked up at the goddess to see that the goddess was drooling slightly her eye’s rolled up to her head. “Oooooh god! You’re so deep!’ The goddess then reached forward and grabbed Lindsay and she shoved Lindsay forward with so much force that the rest of her cock entered the goddess and Lindsay also partially entered the goddess. Whatever it was that her cock had bumped into it was now in it. “Gooood! It’s been ages since I felt this! A big, fat, juicy cock right in my womb!!” The goddess cried. She then pulled Lindsay out and pushed her back Lindsay’s body swayed back and forth as the goddess repeated this action using Lindsay as a giant fleshy living dildo. Lindsay however could care less as her cock was clenched so tightly by the walls of the goddess’ cunt. Lindsay was in utter bliss, the feeling of so much warmth and the tightness she was feeling was soooooo good! She then felt her balls rumble with cum and her muscles tightened.

“Huah! I’m! I’m cumming!” Lindsay shouted and she felt the goddess’ body shudder too as the goddess was also orgasming. She felt the gush of pussy juice hit her like a tidal wave as the goddess orgasmed onto her. Then she felt her cock grow rigid and felt it spew out cum inside the goddess. The goddess rubbed her belly where she felt the warm cum entering in her womb. Lindsay felt as if her orgasm would never end with the sheer amount of cum she was pouring into the goddess however she felt her cum now cumming in spurts then it finally ceased. She gasped her eye’s focusing on nothing. It had felt so good to cum especially inside of a woman. Maybe… just maybe she would fuck Heather.

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